Personal Development

If you want to become your personal best, you must find ways to expose yourself to the principles of success and also learn how to apply them in your life.  In The Contented Achiever by Don Hutson, George Lucas and Chris Crouch, they state; “You must have a profound understanding of the principles that influence your life. And, if you are serious about creating the life that you desire, you must become a master at applying your knowledge to daily events. By [so] doing, you can get from where you are to where you want to be.”

This process can not only be expensive, it can be exhaustive if you were to try to merge all of the leading personal development ideas together into one location.  We, at Mastery Link, focus our entire energy on gleaning the best ideas from the most respected individuals in the personal growth field and then consolidate them into a manageable, meaningful and relevant format.

Our intention is to become your link to the best personal development material and to support your pursuit of personal excellence.   The order in which these principles are learned is equally important.  One idea builds upon another which allows you to continually reinforce previous ideas and bring about personal mastery.  Each concept is presented in small bite-sized messages at a frequency of two messages per week.  This frequency is designed to keep you focused on the foundational principles of success and to help you develop new habits and new levels of thinking.

The right balance is essential in order to steadily develop your character and shape your destiny.  The law of the harvest requires patience and self-discipline through the planting and nurturing season prior to any harvest.  You can not expect to become your best by cramming – it is a process that is governed by the laws of human development.

A seminar may prove to be a jump start for you, but continual exposure to success principles is the only way these principles can proliferate throughout your life and become a part of your character.  Through our ‘Around the Campfire’ educational format, we will coach you through the planting and nurturing seasons so you can continually harvest personal excellence.  When you plant corn in a field, that is what you will harvest.  When you plant the principles of excellence in your life, that is what you will harvest.  It works because it is a law – the law of the harvest.

Professional Development

Our professional development material allows you to connect the personal character traits discussed above and to learn how to successfully apply them into your workplace.  Information is imperative but, application is king when you desire to experience upward movement in your career.

The instructional material at Mastery Link is principle and example based.  Principles are taught each Monday followed on Thursday by a corresponding story that exemplifies each principle in action.  A story enables you to connect a practical application to the instructional information.  This educational format provides the foundation by which you will be able to respond to professional challenges with a level of experience that cannot be present when solely exposed in instructional details and theories.

This educational format is what defines Mastery Link as premier source for your professional development.

Organizational Development

There is a two fold participation available through Mastery Link and your organization.  First, we can use your existing in house training programs and make them more effective by converting the material into our educational format.  This would encourage the mastery of your existing material by providing ongoing exposure to the material in small increments.  Second, we can supplement your content with our curriculum in order to enhance learning and help develop the key character traits that will encourage excellence throughout your organization.

When everyone throughout your organization is exposed to the same ideas and those concepts are reinforced by all layers of management, synergy can exist.  It is possible but you cannot expect an overnight change.  Mastery level change requires a consistent approach to organizational development.  Mastery comes over time and that is why our programs are designed to consistently influence a persons character and thereby influence the success of the entire organization.

Let us show you how we can affordably support your organizational development initiatives.

  • Discipline

    • "The wisest mind has something yet to learn." George Santayana
  • Sacrifice

    • "The most important thing is to be able at any moment to sacrifice who you are for what you could become." Charles Dubois

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