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I didn't realize it at the time, but those games taught me a lot about being persistent and to continue to search for truth and personal excellence as an adult.

Pure Intentions

June 18th 2011

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Have you ever looked for something important that you just couldn't find? You think it should be in an obvious location. You retrace your past activities, thinking that you'll stumble across it if you can just put yourself back in a familiar place where you last saw it.

I was recently engaged in such a search, and while I was persistently looking, it reminded me of when I was a kid playing ‘hide-and-go-seek’ and ‘kick the can.’ Everyone in our neighborhood gathered to play together nearly every summer evening. Our neighbors had the best yard with trees, bushes, shop buildings and it was big enough that finding everyone was not easy (except for Tim - he had allergies).

The searching and finding was rewarding and fun. There were times; however, when in desperation to start a new game, we would call out "Olly Olly Oxen Free.” That meant someone had found an un-findable place to hide and they were being given a free pass to home base.

I didn't realize it at the time, but those games taught me a lot about being persistent and to continue to search for truth and personal excellence as an adult. Just like my neighbor's yard seemed big as a child, the world can seem big at times as well, and finding things isn't always easy. I have, however, discovered that it is worth the effort to keep searching and to feel the reward of finding something significant that makes your life better. Thank goodness I am still looking and enjoying the search.

What I was looking for recently was the key to what makes someone successful in life and in their career? What makes us consider a leader, a business associate, a doctor, a neighbor, or a friend extra ordinary? As I searched and searched and retraced my past, I believe I finally found the answer – those individuals that have ‘pure intentions’ are the ones that realize the greatest respect and success. Everyone eventually figures out your intentions. You might be able to fake it for a while but not forever.

An individual with pure intentions would be someone that simply and consistently asks, "What can I do to make your life better?" "How can I make a positive contribution in your day?" "How can I support your dreams and goals?"

In talking about great leadership, Jon Gordon said, "Now more than ever we need great leadership in our government, schools, businesses, hospitals and organizations. Good leadership won't suffice. We need great leadership. There is a difference.

Good leaders get people to believe in them.
Great leaders inspire people to believe in themselves.
Good leaders say "Watch what I can do."
Great leaders say "Let me show you what you can do."
Good leaders catch fish for others so they can eat today.
Great leaders teach people how to fish so they can eat. . .
. . . for a lifetime.""

Greatness comes when you shift your focus away from yourself and toward making someone else's life better. Great leaders inspire others to believe they can make a difference and at the same time empower those they work with to believe in themselves."

Customer Service is leadership and your intentions need to be pure and properly focused in order to have success in every area of career. Tim Sales went so far as to say, "Having the right intention is an underlying foundation of success."

I can say to anyone without hesitation that; “I want your life to be better and this is the reason I want to serve you to the best of my ability. I absolutely know that the product or service our company renders is valuable to you and your life. In fact, I would feel bad if I didn’t give my best effort on your behalf.”

When you are able to make these strong statements with pure intentions, your ability to make a positive impact for the company and in the lives of those around you will continue to increase.

Edith Wharton said: “There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” Therefore, don’t get discouraged developing your own pure intentions in a new endeavor. Rely on your colleagues if necessary. Soon enough, you will be the candle even if for now you are only able to be the mirror.

There is a story that generally has to be told about many of the products and services your company offers. The success of any organization rests within its people and their ability to transfer a feeling of confidence to their customers. This is successfully accomplished when pure intentions radiate throughout the organization.

This message reflects some of the things I've discovered in my life's search. The pure intentions of our organization is to help you discover, or to simply remind you of the character traits that will lead you to personal greatness. A heart with pure intentions will always guide you in helping others find their way to a better life. Your business tree will grow when you are engaged in doing the right things to nourish it with pure intentions.

The word intention is defined as "an aim that guides action." So, aim high and let your pure intentions guide your actions.