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Mastery Link International was founded upon a desire to improve the distribution of personal, professional and organizational development ideas.  We wanted to promote the mastery of the character traits that guide people and organizations toward excellence.  Our story based format and distribution frequency is what makes the difference between your becoming familiar with the patterns of success and having them become part of the fabric of your life and your organization.

The way we gain and maintain a proficiency at any skill or talent is by continual exposure to the principles upon which that skill is founded.  This is how we learn to play an instrument, this is how we learn mathematics, this is how we learn a foreign language and this also applies to the dynamic nature associated with mastering and implementing the principles of success into our lives.

A training seminar, for example, can provide a positive jump start toward the development of a new skill but in a few weeks, much is often forgotten and old habits return.  The educational format that supports the way we learn is one that provides bite-sized content over an extended period of time with a carefully planned curriculum.  Every one of our programs is founded upon this educational approach.

One of the ways we felt we could make a significant impact in peoples lives was to work through Chambers of Commerce to offer small businesses the opportunity to have access to the same type of development materials that are available to companies with large training budgets.  Our distribution method makes it affordable for employers to have their employees participate and does not require them to leave work to attend off-site training seminars.

Therefore, in putting this program together, we established a two-fold mission:

First Objective

Provide employers with an affordable way to engage their company and employees in some of the best personal development and motivational material available today.  When a company invests in their employees, they are helping them to become their personal best.  In turn those employees are then able to give their best back to the company and to each customer.  The return on investment is immeasurable.

Through our weekly messaging program, Mastery Link’s educational format provides a solution to the challenge of “sustaining” excellence in the work place.  Achieving moments of greatness is wonderful but the difficulty comes in doing what is necessary to sustain greatness day-after-day.

Brian Tracy said; “Your mental attitude, your feelings of happiness and satisfaction, are the result of the things that you put into your own mind.  If you fill your mind with thoughts, visions and ideas of success, happiness and optimism, you will be compensated by those positive experiences in your daily activities.” Our college graduate level coursework provides the connecting point for individuals and companies to be exposed to relevant and timely topics that will assist them in achieving higher levels of success.

The name of the program is “Sustaining Excellence in Customer Satisfaction.”  We cover the broad topics of: Optimal Performance, Self Mastery, Interpersonal Relationships, Inspiration, Self Empowerment, Leadership Development, Change Management, Human Dynamics, Team Dynamics and Team Building.

Educational Format

Each topic is covered through instructional messages and followed with a practical example or story that further exemplifies the described character trait.  These short inspirational stories reinforce core values, encourage positive attitudes and promote personal growth.  By this two part teaching method, we are able to provide meaningful and relevant content that can immediately be applied to the daily flow of work.

An example of this two part educational approach is demonstrated in the following sample messages.  First, is the instructional message which you can read by clicking the following link Forest-of-Gold – Print – Chamberor listen to the audio version by clicking this link Forest of Gold Audio – Chamber.  This message is from our Self Empowerment curriculum.

Second, is an accompanying story that exemplifies the topic in action.  To read this message, click on the following link The-Butch-O’Hare-Story – Print – Chamber or to listen to the audio version, click on this link The Butch O’Hare Story – Audio – Chamber.

While this brief introduction provides a basic overview, we encourage you to view a full description of our educational philosophy under the “Executive Summary” Tab.

Second Objective

Provide an additional revenue source for Chambers.  Funding all of the desired Chamber initiatives is difficult.  By offering this program to all Chamber members at a low cost per employee, the Chamber is able to help promote business growth in the community and at the same time, realize a profitable financial benefit.  It will take time to develop an awareness of the program amongst your membership however, most companies are looking for ways to inspire and motivate their employees.  Once your members know you are offering a solution to this problem, you will continually realize a greater monthly revenue benefit.

We create a ‘Private Labeled’ front end distribution web-site so that it gives the appearance that this is an internal Chamber program.  Mastery Link can also work with your web-designer if you would prefer to create a Members Only portal through your existing web-site.  Once the logistics are in place, Mastery Link will help maintain the distribution database and administer all aspects of the program except for the collection of enrollment fees.  We know that Chamber’s staff administrative hours are often tapped so our staff typically participates in the implementation of the program to make it as easy as possible.


We invite you to read about our ‘Advisory Board’ members which can be found under the “Contact Us” tab.  Under this same tab you will also find our contact information.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we might assist you in supporting your members in their business and staff development initiatives as well as the financial benefits the Chamber can realize.

  • Discipline

    • "The wisest mind has something yet to learn." George Santayana
  • Sacrifice

    • "The most important thing is to be able at any moment to sacrifice who you are for what you could become." Charles Dubois

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What if you could effectively link yourself and your employees to the best personal and organizational development concepts, methods and ideas of our time? What if you could be exposed to these ideas in short, relevant and meaningful messages and modules?

Our Mission...

To provide effective, efficient and affordable access to the ideas, concepts and learning derived from the most successful thought leaders throughout the world.

We understand both the need to maximize money spent on personal and organizational development, and, on the flip side, that survival in the new economy requires optimal performance. Our mastery level programs and new approach to delivery and consumption are designed to address both of these needs.

Example Offerings

    Personal Development
      Optimal Performance
      Self Mastery
      Interpersonal Relationships
      Self Empowerment

    Organizational Development
      Leadership Development
      Change Management
      Human Dynamics
      Team Dynamics
      Team Effectiveness
      Team Building
      Managing Employees