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Mastery Link International was founded upon a desire to improve the distribution of personal, professional and organizational development ideas.  We wanted to bring about the mastery of the character traits that lead people and organizations toward excellence.

The way we gain and maintain mastery level proficiency at any skill or talent is by continual exposure to the principles upon which that skill is founded.  This is how you learn to play an instrument, this is how you learn mathematics, and this especially applies to the dynamic nature associated with the principles of success.

A seminar can provide a positive jump start toward the development of a new skill but in a few weeks, much is often forgotten and old habits return.  An educational format that supports the way we learn is one that provides bite-sized content over an extended period of time with a carefully planned curriculum.

Around the Campfire is the program name that we selected for this educational format. If you consider the significance of the campfire in a traditional village; it was here where on a regular basis – traditions were taught, characters were shaped, heroes were remembered, unity was enhanced, relationships were cultivated, and camaraderie was enjoyed. There is something about a campfire still today that attracts our attention, encourages us to look up at the stars and dream a little, and reflect on our life’s ambitions.

The lesson the fire itself teaches us is that the strength of its warmth is enhanced when all the embers are unified. You will notice that when an ember falls away from the center of the fire, it quickly fades from its glowing orange color, however once it is placed back into the fire, its color returns and begins to burn brightly again.

We are no different as human beings. We must have continual exposure to success principles in order for them to emanate throughout our lives. We must keep the embers of success burning brightly in our lives. Positive habits can then replace those that may be keeping you from achieving your best.

The Around the Campfire program is internationally known as a source for continual encouragement and development concepts.  It is here where we are able to be your link to a master’s degree in success.

NOTE: For a complete description of our educational format, you will find it under the ‘Executive Summary’ tab.

Custom Client Sites

Mastery Link is able to organize and convert your internal training material into bite sized messages and utilize the Around the Campfire structure to present your material. When appropriate, we combine some of our archived stories to enhance your content and provide practical examples for each topic.   We create a ‘private label’ format so that it becomes an ‘in house’ program. If the desire is to maintain your employee’s understanding of company policies, procedures, practices and standards, or if you want to elevate the level of mastery for specific skills, we can help.

  • Discipline

    • "The wisest mind has something yet to learn." George Santayana
  • Sacrifice

    • "The most important thing is to be able at any moment to sacrifice who you are for what you could become." Charles Dubois

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What if you could effectively link yourself and your employees to the best personal and organizational development concepts, methods and ideas of our time? What if you could be exposed to these ideas in short, relevant and meaningful messages and modules?

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To provide effective, efficient and affordable access to the ideas, concepts and learning derived from the most successful thought leaders throughout the world.

We understand both the need to maximize money spent on personal and organizational development, and, on the flip side, that survival in the new economy requires optimal performance. Our mastery level programs and new approach to delivery and consumption are designed to address both of these needs.

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      Self Mastery
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