Advisory Board

The Mastery Link Advisory Board is made up of individuals who offer a unique blend of expertise. Our messages could not offer the breadth and depth that they do without the opportunity to draw upon their varied experiences. You will notice the range of experience spans from corporate education, public school administration, private school administration, University level teaching experience, health care, health care administration, aptitude testing, special needs administration, classroom experience, extra curricular experience, and English as a second language.

We are appreciative of their service to the organization and it is with gratitude and pride that we present the Board members to you.

Greg McClanahan – President

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When Greg stood in front of his first classroom of students, he knew he had found his passion. When he received his first acknowledgment of appreciation from a student for the influence the class had on their life, it became infectious. When he realized the indefinable impact that education can have on others, he was driven to make a difference.

As his career progressed, Greg learned that ongoing professional development was the key to his success and that when he was not consistently engaged in personal growth, his success was compromised. He has watched his own children succeed in one class and struggle in another. He has witnessed miracles by some teachers and other experiences that compromised his childrens confidence at a tender and impressionable age. He asked; “What can be done to increase the percentage of successful experiences within the classroom?”  Statistics show that it lies in the ability of a teacher to be at their best, personally. This desire to make a difference lead him to the establishment of Mastery Link International.

While completing his degree in Business Management and Industrial Relations, Greg worked for America West Airlines in their Reservation Sales Training Department. Corporate training has a two fold mission; first, to train skills and second, to ensure that the culture of the organization thrives. He loved the challenge of fulfilling both aspects of the job.

National Computer Systems was Greg’s next employer. Their School Administrative Software (CIMS) had just launched a new platform and Greg was hired to head up the training and support services for the new product. This became his first exposure to developing training and support materials along with conducting classroom education. The second love of his career was in realizing the significance and power of the written word. Successful implementation of the product was a combination of classroom instruction and continued reinforcement of the operating protocols through written correspondence.

Greg helped form a company which provided training on a national basis for Fleetwood Enterprises and SAM’s Club.  His ability to contribute to the Mastery Link Organization comes as a result of these cumulative experiences and many others all of which started at an early age while working for his father in the family grocery store and culminating in what happens today. All experiences have been equally valuable in helping define his drive and ambition to succeed and to help others in their pursuit of excellence.

Dan Osby – CTO

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For the last 20 years Dan has enjoyed a highly successful career path as a technology leader with extensive experience working in organizations devoted to personal, professional and organizational development. His ability to continually achieve high levels of success is derived both through his ability to effectively and creatively leverage technology within many different environments and his strong interpersonal and leadership skills.

As VP of Information Technology at Lore International Institute, Dan kept the organization’s technology infrastructure ahead of the curve while being steeped in personal, professional and organizational development constructs programs and teachings. He successfully led the design and implementation of an online, global executive coaching infrastructure for Cisco Systems to insure consistency on a world-wide scale. He also managed the operations of Lore’s highly acclaimed assessment center database used extensively by McKinsey & Co. He designed and managed the implementation of an online talent management application adopted by Lucent Technologies, Avaya, Bain Capital, Bank of Ireland among others. Lore’s philosophy was to practice what they preached and Dan scored in the top 5% of thousands of Fortune 500 executives in the 360 degree, Lore Leadership Assessment.

As Director of IT for Being First, Inc., Dan again was steeped in a highly effective and acclaimed curriculum, The Change Leader’s Roadmap. Focused on organizational change leadership, The Change Leader’s Roadmap is a very comprehensive online content resource that utilized a subscription-based delivery system. Dan managed all of the technology aspects of the operation including the gathering and analysis of both web application traffic data and user feedback data. The knowledge gained from this experience was invaluable and clearly illuminated the need for a new system and paradigm to deliver and consume personal and professional development content.

Dan’s well rounded experience and knowledge in IT and the training industry is a valued asset at Mastery Link International. Dan’s primary role is to assist with concept development, and guide the technology necessary to implement new, more efficient, effective and affordable ways to deliver and consume premier personal, professional and organizational development content.

Tim Connor, CSP

Tim is the best selling author of over 75 books including several international best sellers, including – ‘Soft Sell’ (The Number One Best Selling Sales Book In The World Now In 21 Languages), 81 Management Challenges, Your First Year In Sales, 91 Sales Mistakes Salespeople Make, Life Is Short, Corporate Disconnect and Overcoming Life’s Challenges and Difficult Times.

He is the President and CEO of Connor Resource Group and Peak Performance Institute and he has been a full time professional speaker, trainer, coach, consultant and best selling author for 37 years. Since 1973 he has given over 4000 presentations in twenty-one countries around the world to a wide variety of audiences.

Each year over 85% of his presentations are return engagements for the same clients on such topics as peak performance management, effective leadership, customer focused sales strategies, personal motivation, value driven customer service and building positive business and personal relationships.

Each year he also facilitates a number of strategic planning events and meetings for many of his clients and presents several public Boot Camps.  He is a results oriented business coach and consultant working with a select few clients each year helping them improve their individual and organization performance.

Tim has been a member of the National Speakers Assn. for over 25 years and he is one of only 400 Certified Speaking Professionals in the world, a designation given by the National Speakers Association since 1979.

His international clients range in sales from 5 million to over 50 billion a year and come from a wide variety of industries including; food, manufacturing and distribution, housing and construction, financial services, hospitality, technology and communication, and personal and professional services.

Tim’s presentations are filled with insightful and contemporary ideas and are presented in a riveting and entertaining style.

His experience and talent make him an invaluable addition to our board.

Tommy Brown, MS

For forty-one years Tommy has enjoyed a remarkable career.  Baylor University was home for six years while he earned both his Bachelor of Science in Biology and minor in Physical Education, as well as his Master of Science in Education.  From there, he taught Science and was the head baseball and football coach for Farmington High School in Northern New Mexico.  He then moved into administration as an assistant principal and simultaneously served as the Assistant Executive Secretary to the New Mexico Activities Association.

Tommy then became a Principal for five years followed by being the Assistant Superintendent for that same school district.  In 1983 he moved South and was hired as the Superintendent of Schools which he continued in that capacity until 1998.  He relocated back to his hometown of Farmington, NM and worked until 2002 as the Assistant Superintendent until his retirement.  He represented eight states while serving for four years on the Advisory Committee of National Teachers Exam.  He served on the National Basketball and Football Rules Committee and was a baseball scout for the Baltimore Oriels.  His hobby for a decade was refereeing college basketball.

It would be difficult to enumerate his accomplishments and successes – especially if you were relying on Tommy to tell you any of his accolades.  His humility and generosity are hallmarks of his character.  He now loves to work in his garden with his wife Gloria, serve together in the community, play golf, and travel.  He beams with pride when he talks about his son and daughter. As a side note, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as Tommy’s education heritage continues with his son who is a principal in Texas.

As a board, we could not have been more fortunate to have such a wealth of experience among us.  When we are crafting messages to assist administrator’s in their task of inspiring and motivating their staff, he knows the challenges and he advises on founded principles he has practiced.

Dr. Donald W. Green

Donald received his Bachelor’s degree at the University of British Columbia, his Master of Science Degree at Brigham Young University and his Doctor of Science in Biology at Canterbury University. It would take many paragraphs to describe the work Donald has performed as an educator from 1964 to 2005. In brief, he was a professor of Biology at New Mexico Junior College for thirty years; and, in addition, has been published for his research. He has worked to provide improved teaching aides for students and worked to create more effective tutorial programs.

Donald and his wife Judy are enjoying retirement; but, they remain very active. They serve unselfishly in caring for Judy’s mother. In his free time, you’ll find Donald in his wood shop or playing with his bull dog. When possible, he travels to visit his four children and their families.

The success Donald has had in the classroom provides significant expertise to our advisory board. He was an Academic Counselor and Tutor at the high school level for seven years just prior to his retirement. This experience affords a unique insight to add to our messages. Fortunately, the five syllable words he used throughout his thesis are not required to be used in documenting and understanding the key principles of success found in this program.

Diane Galati, RN, BSN, MBA, NEBC

Diane is a nurse executive with extensive progressive management experience in:

  • Leading all aspects of maternal-child care operations
  • Building and restructuring clinical programs and care delivery models
  • Identifying cost efficiencies
  • Developing and controlling budgets with a strong business acumen
  • Implementing revenue enhancing initiatives
  • Collaborating with medical staff and other health care professionals to improve patient satisfaction and quality outcomes in compliance with evidence based practices and regulatory requirements.

She is a passionate leader who understands the demands that are placed on a nursing staff because that defines her roots.  From a Staff Nurse to a Nurse Manager to her progressive advancement to her current Director position with the Torrance Memorial Medical Center in Torrance, CA, Diane knows the dynamic complexities of the health care industry and uses her experience to effectively encourage cooperation at all levels.

It is these experiences combined with her own life experiences that make her a tremendous asset to our board.  Hospitals are not just health care service providers, they are a business.  In most communities, patients have a choice where they will go for health related services and  therefore, patient care is foundational to the business.  This makes Diane’s background invaluable to the staff development portion of our ‘Senior Living’ program as well as our customer service programs.

Diane’s business background provides universal insights to nearly every area of our professional and organizational development content.  It is rare to find someone with the diversity of her education and work experience.  We are grateful that she has agreed to be a board member and share her experiences so they can positively impact others.

Chris Butler

As an Assisted Living Center owner, Chris is our resident expert on Assisted Living Centers.  Chris also works with the Colorado Assisted Living Center Association (CALA).  After a number of conversations, we invited Chris to be a member of our Advisory Board. He spent a couple of weeks taking an in-depth look at our program and curriculum before responding. We are appreciative that he graciously accepted our invitation and that he found tremendous value in our program.  Within his acceptance letter, and most likely based on his psychology background, his classic quote is used today in describing one of our key value statements.  Pertaining to the resident portion of our program, he said, “The soul is an intangible organ that needs exercise like any other.”

Chris grew up in Overland Park, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. During high school, he worked as a cook’s assistant for a restaurant and caterer. After high school, he joined the US Navy. From his past experience he knew the kitchen environment was better than chipping paint or cleaning guns, so he attended the Navy cooking school in San Diego. His great aunt always said he should have a trade and a profession (wisdom from the Great Depression era). Cooking would be his trade.

While in the Navy, he began college. Because his first station was in Norfolk, Virginia, he was able to take some classes at Old Dominion University.

His ship was in the North Atlantic the winter of 1977/78. It was cold and dreary. His dad, who had moved to Denver, Colorado, a few years before, sent him a brochure on the University of Colorado in Boulder. It boasted of 300 days of sunshine a year. He knew then where he wanted to live and finish his education. While on leave in the summer of 1978, he went to Colorado, registered to vote, and got a Colorado driver’s license to establish residency. His tour of duty ended in January 1979. He walked off the ship on January 13 and into the classroom on January 20.

He majored in psychology and sociology and minored in French and English. For three of his undergraduate years, he cooked at the Boulder Good Samaritan Center.   This was his first experience working with older adults in an assisted living environment.  Here, he learned about special diets and refined his baking skills.

During the 1980/81 school year, he studied in France at the University of Bordeaux III. While in France, he learned how Europeans treat their elders. He visited a nursing home in France, though they are rare. Many elders remain at home with their families, often times in the same house they were born in. He also took a cooking class in France to enhance his cooking skills.

He graduated from college in May 1984 and started a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program that summer. He studied marketing and organizational management. However after two semesters, he was totally burned out on school. But over the next 12 years, he took graduate-level classes in organizational management and social psychology.

From 1986 to 1999, he worked as a mental health counselor for Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Hospitals in Denver and Boulder Community Hospital. He learned about patient care while working alongside doctors, nurses, social workers and several therapists. Many of those patients were older adults. During his last year and a half of employment, he spent time at North Suburban Hospital working in their Gerontology-Psychology unit. He also worked at Bethesda Hospital’s Senior Care unit. This gave him extra training in disorders and issues of the elderly.

With his business background and care giving and cooking skills, he thought he would do well in the field of assisted living. On November 1, 1997, he bought his first personal care home in Estes Park, Colorado.  In 1999, he bought his second personal care home in Longmont, Colorado, which now cares for 10 residents.  Now he is fulfilling his dreams with the development of HOPE Communities.

LeiLani Scott, MA

LeiLani received her Masters Degree at the University of Northern Colorado.  She is the Special Education Director for Secondary Education for the Board of Cooperative Services which serves the special needs students in Southwest Colorado. Simultaneously, she is the Director of the Special Education Department for the Cortez, Colorado School District. She is also the only Vision Specialist in Southwest Colorado and Northern New Mexico who services visually impaired students in all surrounding communities including the Navajo Reservation.

LeiLani has devoted countless hours to continuing her education and refining her skills by earning special certifications which include: Elementary Education, Interdisciplinary Studies, English as a Second Language, Severe Needs Vision and Orientation and Mobility, certified as a Severe Needs Specialist, Transition Specialist and has her Licensure in Special Education Direction.

Special needs student programing requires an intense amount of attention to detail to ensure that student’s legal rights are being met and that Individual Education Plans are not only written, maintained, and precisely followed. Her greatest attribute is that she can keep up with all the program details and still be meaningfully engaged with her staff and students.

Compassion leads the list of her personal character traits and not far from the top of the list is her passion for ensuring that all external conditions are organized so that nothing interferes with a student’s education. LeiLani is a welcomed addition to the Around The Campfire Advisory Board.  The experience and perspective she brings to the board ensures that this vital part of our educational system is represented in our messages.

Fred Achierno, MA

As some of the original messages went into distribution from Mastery Link, it was obvious that we needed a critical eye for grammatical accuracy.  We never wanted sentence structure or errors to detract attention away from the message.  Fred was one of the most influential teachers to Greg McClanahan, President of Mastery Link, and just happened to be his English and Composition teacher in high school nearly 30 years ago.  He graciously agreed to join the board and we are grateful.

Fred’s decision to go into education began at a summer camp for kids in Bailey, Colorado where he worked as a group leader during the summer of his sophomore year at Adams State College in Alamosa, Colorado. Up to that time he was a Business Administration major. He realized, that summer, that there was a need for teachers who cared about the future of our youth and their ability to become useful members of their society as adults.

Upon his return to ASC as a junior, he changed his major to Secondary English and Education with a minor in Business. He did his student teaching in the Jefferson County school system near Denver, Colorado and received his BA in August of 1966. He then secured a teaching assignment in the Ignacio school district in Ignacio, Colorado in 1966.

The schools there contained a tri-ethnic community of students to include Anglo, Spanish, and Native American. He taught Jr. High and Sr.High School English, Business, psychology, and computers. He decided to work on his MA in Guidance and Counseling and completed this degree in 1969. He was a Jr. High and Elementary Counselor for eight years under the Johnson O Malley federally funded program. He returned to teaching when the funding ran out. He taught Jr. High and High School English, Business, Psychology, computers and Alternative Ed. He remained in the Ignacio school system until his retirement 37 years later.

He moved his family to Grand Junction, Colorado where he continues to be involved in the service to his community of senior citizens and homeowners’ association. He is on the board of directors for his HOA.

He categorizes all individuals into three groups: Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. He is most interested in working with the last two groups. He wants to help them become useful members of a community some day.

  • Discipline

    • "The wisest mind has something yet to learn." George Santayana
  • Sacrifice

    • "The most important thing is to be able at any moment to sacrifice who you are for what you could become." Charles Dubois

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